Fiduciary Protection


We Help You Focus on the Right Things.

Every Fiduciary to a retirement plan needs a process to protect them as much as possible from personal fiduciary liability. Proper fiduciary management of your 401(k) plan is not a passive activity. If the proper steps are not takenyou are exposing yourself to a great risk. We have the steps, process, and knowledge to protect the plans fiduciaries from trouble.

Retirement plan fiduciaries must understand their responsibilities with regard to the operations of the plan. First and foremost, the fiduciaries must have a process designed to operate the plan in a prudent manner that is in the best interests of the plan participants. To do this, we help plan sponsors by introducing a formalized review procedure that covers all aspects of the plan, including:

  • Periodic plan operations review
  • Full, understandable fee disclosure
  • Quarterly investment review in conjunction with the plan’s independent investment advisor
  • Legislative changes/updates
  • Required plan amendments
  • Participant communications and education