Plan Benchmarking and Fee Analysis


Does Your Current Plan Deliver?

At CBC, we believe that all plan sponsors should demand full fee disclosure from all of their service providers.

As part of their fiduciary responsibilities, plan sponsors must understand all aspects of plan fees and expenses.

Plan sponsors are required to understand not only the amount of the fee, but also who is receiving the fee, who is paying the fee, and whether the fee is reasonable based on the services being provided. Depending on the service provider, hidden fees can sometimes make it difficult to ascertain total plan fees.

Every Fiduciary to a retirement plan needs a process to protect them as much as possible from personal fiduciary liability. Proper fiduciary management of your 401(k) plan is not a passive activity. If the proper steps are not takenyou are exposing yourself to a great risk. We have the steps, process, and knowledge to protect the plans fiduciaries from trouble.